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Welcome to Diamond Lock Smith, your go-to destination for top-notch car lockout services. At Diamond Lock Smith, we understand the frustration of being stranded due to lock issues, and that's why we specialize in efficient and reliable solutions. Our skilled professionals are equipped to handle various lockout scenarios, ensuring a quick and stress-free resolution for our clients. With a commitment to prompt service and customer satisfaction, Diamond Lock Smith stands as a trusted name in the industry. Experience the ease of unlocking peace of mind with Diamond Lock Smith—your dedicated partner in automotive security challenges. Trust us to get you back behind the wheel swiftly and securely.

4 Reasons to choose us


With all of our services being centered around your emergency needs, we have a long-standing commitment for a 24/7 agility!


We have a very talented and passionate auto-fixing crew here, all of whom find it their life mission to help fellow car owners in distress!


We value each single customer we have, to a degree when if you refer your friend in an emergent situation to us.


We aim to make our service fees to be reasonable and affordable to any other driver out there. We never capitalize on your emergency!

Our Team

David Attenborough

General Manager

David used to be a lieutenant of an engineering squad on the 5th fleet. But since he and his few friends gathered together to found a new business, his passion for cars found a new way out!

Karl Landing

Senior car mechanic

Karl is the person with the longest mechanical experience when cars are concerned. He’s been fixing Lincolns when you still even weren’t eligible for a driving license!

Derek Page

Car mechanic

Derek joined our team few years ago and since then he’s been an essential part of it… His expertise in everything car related makes him one of our most valuable workers!

Franklin Pierce

Junior Car mechanic

After working at a GM factory in Michigan for a while, Franklin decided that working for a small business and having a direct contact with end customers is more of his cup of…oil.

Refer a Friend in Distress and He’ll Have the

Price Reduced by 25%!